October 16th, 2008

a night at the opera

Our friend Phil and his wife both play for the orchestra so last night we went to see them at the Academy of Music performing Ludwig Van's only opera, Fidelio.

Cause, you know, that's how we roll. Always hanging out at the opera.

The Academy is such a lovely place. For seeing a performance it pales in comparison to the new Kimmel center, but it's so lovely in its old world way, it's always special to be there -- even if you are behind a pillar, it's all red and gold with a gigantic 5,000 lb chandelier, built in 1857 it was used as a set in Scorcese's Age of Innocence . But then, Fidelio. The music was great but the set and costume design, by sculptor Jun Kaneko was ... very wonkey. It looked like something Molly Ringwald's character from Pretty in Pink would have designed for Morris Day and The Time if they were doing a production of Alice In Wonderland in 1984. I'm more of a traditionalist -- I want period costumes, slabs of light, torches, mobs, cannon fire, grit and yards of fabric with my opera. This set was based on graph paper -- very much like Kaneko's blocky Piet Mondrian-meets-rocks sculpture. And with the exception of Greer freaking Grimsley (is this not the best name ever for a villain in a novel?) playing Don Pizzaro in a great costume that looked like something Darth Vader would have worn while blowing up planets, everybody was wearing some variant of a checkered zoot suit.

Phil and his lovely wife:

We waited out by the back stage door to fanboi Greer freaking Grimsley (and yes, it turns out, that is his real hair). He was really nice. While we where there, we watched the rich and famous trundle out of the theater, including David freaking Silverman the famous archaeologist. And James Freeman the conductor of Orchestra 2001, as well as a bunch of "WTF! who is that guy! I know that guy!" people.

Anyhoo, afterwards we went to XIX and had a lovely time looking down at the city. On the bus on the way back we heard the explosion that the Phillies had won their thing.

We got home, watched an episode of Shogun and went to bed.

Today's another day. We're all excited about it.

(Sorry for the cell phone pix.)
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