October 19th, 2008

that is not dead which can eternal lie

It's been a very busy couple of days. I went to see The Trial again on friday, this time with Nathan who came up from DC. We found Jared Axelrod and JR Blackwell in the audience, as well as Not Shakespeare. I enjoyed the play more the second time and was able to concentrate on one part of the action taking place instead of trying to take it all in. I'm very impressed at the ... maelstrom of ... chaos and action, but all in an orderly direction that drives the story forward. Like building a sculpture of waves.

In any event, we went out afterwards and then came back to Casa Del Milla and met up with Dr. Brad, Phil, and Yags who were stumbling around in the back yard with someone who introduced herself as Sylvia Plath. We listened to a bunch of 78's on the Victrola. I was very excited to discover that Nathan knew who Dwight Fiske was. Nathan pulled a bunch of Noel Coward out which pleased trillian_stars and whafford a great deal and there was much singing going on.

Nathan left early in the morning and Trillian and I went to Abyssinia for their Ful bean soup which I am addicted to. The postman arrived with this awesome present from Shuttergal and Lee Moyer.

Lee had done the illustration for the Lovecraft film festival. Those two are incredibly talented and I've finally found a candidate that I can whole-heartedly endorse (well, apart from Roswell, whom I've actually voted for several times already).

Trill went out to the gym and I had a long meeting with Lori, the curator of the show at Photo Nola that I'm doing in December -- that went very very very very well, she's very excited about the images and I'm convinced the show's going to be Big Enough that it has the potential to push things to The Next Level.

Great Things are happening.

I did two portraits for the rocking chair project, trill went to her play, which went well, I worked on book proposals, I told my agent I'd have something for her by wednesday ... did a portrait of yags' new haircut. When trillian_stars got back we BBQ'd in the back yard (with our coats on) and had a super swell time in our lovely garden. Then we watched Turquoise Rose, an indie movie that I picked up at a 7-11 in Page, Arizona. Love story on the Navajo Nation.

Now I'm sitting in the Club for the Gentry, admiring the books.

Hope your worlds are rockin.
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busy day...

got up this morning and went to work hard on the rocking chair book, did a really great portrait, worked on the introduction, then in the afternoon whafford and I went to see trillian_stars' father who's starring in The Laramie Project. Trillian's going to miss the show because her's is running concurrently at a different theater so I snapped some photographic evidence after the show.

All I knew of the Laramie project was what I'd seen on PBS a few years back -- I expected the set would be a table, two chairs, and a tape recorder. But this wasn't that. Instead it was incredibly dynamic, with multiple actors on stage at once, re-enacting, with a real set, real interaction -- it really was beautifully staged. Trill's dad played a range of characters from the fiery Reverend Fred Phelps (which he did marvelously with great passion in a very dramatic scene that was both hard on the audience and uplifting at the same time), to the lovable cab driver, Doc O'connor, to Sergeant Hing, who he played with such an elegant conviction that you felt a man of conviction come unraveled by crimes he'd never considered, let alone witnessed before.

Now I'm home, sitting in front of the fire, ostensibly working on the Rocking Chair Book waiting for trillian_stars to get back from the first rehearsal of her new play.

The Trial, speaking of which, closes in two weeks, if you haven't seen it, you should.
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