October 28th, 2008

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I had a pretty amazing weekend in Memphis.

A few months ago I got a very kind note from the people at Tactical Response, they were fans of my photo book about gun owners in America and invited me to photograph a training class at the Memphis Tennessee police academy.

This is Officer Sutton in the academy's "shoot house" -- a building specially constructed out of concrete and railroad ties which permits people to safely fire guns in the building without worrying about where the bullets are going.

Chris is a Canadian firearms instructor with arms like ... legs ... here he practices a technique called "slicing the pie" -- changing your angle around a corner to reveal what's behind it -- in this case a target of a woman with a very 1980's haircut holding a gun -- which means "shoot".

you can see that while the shell casing is just a couple inches above the gun, Chris has compensated for the recoil and already has his gun back on the target. That's pretty impressive.

hope y'all had a swell weekend.
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