October 31st, 2008

one day in the life of someone someone

I went to see trillian_stars in The Trial again. Tom Freaking Purdom came along and whafford and ... I've seen it three times now and apparently haven't been watching, because Dr. Brad and Tom Freaking Purdom understood the play in a way that I'd never considered and now, it seems so perfectly obvious. I was intellectually outclassed that night.

"The Trial" was K's life. His death inevitable, and throughout, just the daily confusion that we all suffer and really, when you watch it, and espcially listen to the final monologue it's pretty obvious that's what it is. The metaphorical trial that we all undergo that begins the day we realize we're alive and continues until the day we die (my own Trial is currently going very well, I'm expecting not only a verdict of innocent but a big cash settlement as well).

We all went out to dinner afterwards with Trill's parents, Tom and Brad. I got Tom to autograph a 1964 copy of Fantasy & Science fiction with one of his stories in it.

trillian_stars continues her infirmary though she soldiered on through her performance. She is on the road to recovery and has a special nursemaid who guards her from all evil while she sits in front of the fireplace.

I made her a vegan casadia.

I keep finding her wandering around outside in the middle of the night in a daze, murmuring "so thirsty, so thirsty!"

she's been asking for her tofu-steaks raw lately....

"Rats in the hold. My crew is dead. I fear the plague."
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