November 9th, 2008


trillian_stars have been having a marvelous time lately. Some day last week we gathered together all of our parents and went out for Moroccan dinner at Cous Cous in New Jersey, which was a fun time. Colonel and Dr. Stars get along famously with my parents. After dinner the Stars' came back to our place and we watched Journey to the Center of the Earth in 3D with her parents, I enjoyed it, as did (Colonel Stars and Dr. Stars) somewhere I have a photo of all of us wearing our 3D glasses. I liked it at least as much as Iron Man (which I am sad to say I was expecting an awful lot more from after all the rave reviews.)

Then yesterday trillian_stars and Roswell and I cooked a huge vat of vegan chili. We ate about four pounds of it yesterday and this morning I said "hey, do you want SOME BREAKFAST CHILI?!" -- which she did, so I ran out and got a loaf of fresh bread, chopped it up, and heated this in the oven.

vegan Collapse )

Then we went out for a walk and I videotaped Trillian doing a monologue from King James II.

There was a pinball marathon where whafford kicked our butts (I came in last). Last night Trillian went out to a birthday party and I had a date with Lunesta -- I love that stuff, but it seems to often give me a very fragile grip on sleep at time -- left to my own devices it takes me four or five hours to fall asleep; Lunesta can knock me out sometimes in 10 minutes (usually 30), but often if someone opens the bedroom door or Roswell knocks something over downstairs or the neighbors are throwing pies at one another I'll wake up and not be able to get back to sleep, which happened last night. I vaguely remember Trillian giving me a back rub and singing to me in French until the Sandman came back.

We cleaned the house (whee!) -- I worked on a short story, we took some photos that didn't quite work out. Oh, on Friday I went out to a bunch of art galleries with whafford and sylviebeauvais while Trillian went out to some shindig with the Decemberists. I saw some photos I liked and a lot of paintings that I didn't.

I'm sure I'm leaving a lot out. Like the crazy guy on the bus.

It's been a marvelous time. Hope things are swell with you.
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the end of the rainbow

Pinball tournament with whafford met with expected results. trillian_stars and Roswell and I just put in a completely experimental low-cal apple pie*. We went to Ye Local Coffee Shoppe and I worked on a short story that no one is ever going to buy. Trillian's dancing, we're reheating chili. Milla's sitting on my shoulder, purring. Life is ... wonderful.

If someone showed up at the door and handed me a billion dollars I really don't think I'd be any happier than I am right now. In fact, I think my first thought would be "Thanks dude. Can you come back? We're just about to have dinner."

* I tried googling "low calorie apple pie" and all the recipes started out with "one pound of butter". Ours uses yoghurt and Sweet & Low instead. We'll see, it could be a total failure.

Rock on kids. I'll let you know how the pie turns out.
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