November 11th, 2008

rammstein has left the building!

I spent much of Sunday evening signing prints for people who donated to City Kitties I had a hard time picking stuff out, so everybody got three prints. They all went out yesterday, including a bunch of them overseas. I was not popular in line at the post office. The Volkerball DVD/CD also went out (congrats Calli). The 85 f 1.8 is going out today. How exciting! I have MORE SPACE in the house.

For those who are wondering about such things, the Neil Gaiman / Kyle Cassidy / Amanda Palmer book is now looking at an "Early 2009" release. I'm guessing this means January. The bad news is that we'll miss "the holiday season" but the good news is that it'll look better because we have that much more time to work on it.

That's all the news from Lake Roswell.

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