November 20th, 2008

All sorts of good stuff.....

Two shows coming up.

I have a show at Digital Ferret on Black Friday which would be freaking awesome on it's own, but there are two special guests. My darlingist Nicki Jaine and Gary Freaking Billings from Carfax Abbey. They're going to do two acoustic sets while you're buying my creepy prints. Digital Ferret has been instrumental in the american Goth scene and I've been lucky to work on project with them over they years that included productions with Skinny Puppy, Ego Likeness, the Cruxshadows, Aryia, VNV Nation, Carfax Abbey, and lots of other amazing acts. They throw the largest reoccuring goth music event in the WORLD and until you've seen seven hundred women dressed in Kambriel hoop skirts with hair that took two hours and makeup that took even longer creeping elegantly from one room to another while four hundred yarn head teenagers in plastic dresses are dancing on boxes upstairs blowing whistles YOU HAVEN'T BEEN TO A PARTY.

The other show is Dan Ellerbroek recently transplanted from Tuscon to Philadelphia is showing 23 painting at Abbraccio this friday. They're scenes of the desert and the ciy. They're sized small for city living and priced to be in your living room. trillian_stars and I are going to be there and there will be free food and booze:

Date: Friday, November 21, 2008
Time: 5:00pm - 7:00pm
Location: Abbraccio Restaurant
Street: 829 S. 47th St. (near Baltimore Ave.)
City/Town: Philadelphia, PA
Phone: 2157278247 (Abbraccio)

and two other little things:

Register at NPR to take their listener survy (and vote for Who Killed Amanda Palmer, which has already made it in to the top 100, but what the heck is the top 100 when the top 10 is right there above it?)

The Northampton Community College Library posted a great review of my book about american gun owners which you can find Here. It's called "Hidden gems, snapshots of America". They also profile David Plowman and William Kaszynski,'s book on Route 66.

Have y'all seen the video that Nicki Jaine and I did for Auld Lang Syne two years ago? Watch it peepz! And I'll see you at the art shows.

Hey, did everybody who sent a donation to City Kitties get their prints in the mail?
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