November 27th, 2008

this must be just like living in paradise....

Sitting on the settee reading Tom Purdom's I Want the Stars, trillian_stars is sitting in the window seat reading an advance readers galley proof of Carolyn Turgeon's new novel Godmother, cause, you know, like, that's how we roll and the famouz authorz are just always sending us galley proof's of their new books so we can read it first and they can brag about it -- and I realize that ... life just really can't get any better.

But then we went to lxbean's vegetarian orphans thanksgiving and things did get better. Those of you who aren't vegetarian, or diabetic, lactose intolerant, allergic to nuts, or kosher, don't know what it's like to look across plate after plate after bowl after bowl of food and know that it's all for you. It just felt safe and friendly. Mostly safe, in a way that I really can't articulate. And there was great company and brilliant conversation and I left just feeling better and happy and we walked home through our charming neighborhood looking at the lit up glass porches at people's reading nooks and bookshelves and plants and beautiful spaces carrying our leftover booty like well dressed pirates and things were even better. This is the best life I ever had.

I've been reading on peoples friends pages for the last week about internecine warfare, mothers and cousins bickering about age old land disputes, brothers who can't be put at the same table with nephews ex-wives, children who despise parents, aunt's whose lesbian partners are forbidden from the table, fathers who will never be forgiven for unspeakable behaviors years ago -- and yet they all (well not all, but they many) suffer the slings and arrows of one another's uncomfortable presence to bring the family together this one day so they can perpetrate their bitter grievances and sore pasts and current malaise upon one another instead of some fearful obligation. And tonight I was happy to see this surrogate family brought together by their like for one another. It seemed like a beautiful thing. (My own mother and father are having Thanksgiving in a hotel in Wheeling, West Virginia on their way to a funeral, but I hope it was romantic and special for them as well. They are among the best people I know. And in grand ways I wonder how we are to be happy when there is tragedy and suffering in the world, every moment, and we are aware of it.)

In other news, Trillian picked out a new phone, it's not something that anybody here had mentioned, but apparently it's all the rage at the Academy.

I hope your Thanksgiving was marvelous too and that you learned something in conversation and more about yourself, your peers, and your family by participating in it.
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