December 2nd, 2008

yes they're youtube links -- but they're all CROMULENT

you might want to pay attention to this, i think it's a clue to something wonderful.

and while trolling youtube -- thanks to Wabals who captured one of the KYLE CAZZIDY IZ IN DAH HAOUSE! shout outs:

ya know -- you meet a lot of musicians in this business and i've said it before, and i'll say it again, there are so few who i actually want to become friends with. but amanda !#@$%ing palmer is one of the rare few.
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    ken kweeder: heroin feat. nicki jaine on youtube


I'd blogged about this moment but i just discovered that there's a freaking youtube video of it that Lee posted. It was an important moment in my recent life, it might only make sense to me, but I'm glad that this soundtrack exists to augment my memory of the whole thing. It seemed that we'd all grown up, but we we'd become the people we'd always dreamed that we would be when we were kids.

(And you get to see the one freaking pair of pants that I wore for an entire week.)

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    amanda palmer: creep