December 9th, 2008

time, like quaaludes and red wine

I used to think "I wish there were more hours in the day" -- but we had another one of those ... periods of time where every day seemed to have fifty hours in it and they were all packed crazy with stuff and I'm sure I forgot most of it. It made me realize how much time I must normally spend doing nothing -- like staring at the wall wondering if the paint is going to crack while I'm watching it kind of nothing.

Anyway -- we're back from NOLA -- most of the kehtenz were happy to see us, but they were spoiled by all the various cat-sitters who spent hours playing with them. Roswell, who was sitting on trillian_stars' rocking chair when we came in giving me this "Do I know you?" look when I walked in and dropped the bags. She eventually figured out who I was though and ran around me in circles demanding to be picked up and carried around like a baby.

I love to travel, but I love to come home. Seriously. We collapsed on the sofa surrounded by kehtenz for about 17 minutes before the doorbell rang, and it was philforrest and lawbabeak and whafford with delicious candy for us. We crawled back to the sofa, but we ate the candy. It was marvelous. Now I'm collapsed on the settee and trillian_stars is spinning 78's on the Victrola, we have the fire going and I can't say life's back to normal, cause it's never normal, but it's still perfect.

Here we are on Jackson Square in NOLA.

and here I am re-creating my user icon at a glorious Mexican restaurant somewhere in the French Quarter:

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