December 14th, 2008

recap ...

A lot went on this week. I suppose I'll probably do a couple of posts rather than have one post with 90 photos in it.

One of the cool things was hanging out with our friend Garth Herrick, the painter, being all swank and snazzy.

Garth and I both belong to the Philadelphia Sketch Club which is an awesome place for visual artists of any ilk, not limited to painters. It was founded by Thomas Eakins with six "bohemian" art students in 1860. It's awesome because you get to hang out with people like Garth and Robert Byrd and the like.

As far as painters go, Garth, is, um, freaking awesome. This is his painting of Chief Justice James T. Giles. It's a painting. Like, made with paint. On canvass. Reprinted here entirely without permission. But check out his website.

Here's Don Gauger at the Sketch Club showing some of the club's amazing library to Garth. (Or it could just as accurately be called "Kyle playing with Garth's D3".

Here's a Christmas Ornament made by one of the sketch club members that I got out-bid on during the auction.

It's made out of colored paper. with scissors. and glue. Garth's not the only one at the sketch club who blows me away with their amazing talent.

We of course always wear vintage tuxedos when we're at the club. All the time.
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