December 29th, 2008

do you feel auld?

Two years ago the lovely and talented Ms. Nicki Jaine showed up at my door with a wood saw, a violin bow, and jerseyray saying "let's make a video". So we shot a video of her playing Auld Lang Syne on a saw with jerseyray accompanying on an accordion. We shot it at three in the afternoon and I felt the saw best captured by a Fisher Price Pixelvision toy video camera (which records on audio cassette tapes). We got it uploaded by about seven and it got a thousand hits that night.

But it's so lovely and wonderful I can't help but mention it again. If you like it, feel free to repost it in your own journals. Spread the ominous joy of a new year fraught with possibilities!

I am now off on the Secret Photo Project. Have an excellent day.
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    nicki jaine: auld lang syne