January 1st, 2009

write notes to yourself

So I was changing a ceiling light yesterday, installing a fan. When I pulled down the old fixture a note fell out!

As it turns out, a note I'd written myself and forgotten about completely -- addressed to the next person to swap out the ceiling fixture:

It was wonderful to find. So I say -- write a note to yourself in ten years, or twenty years -- hide it somewhere, in a book, in a wall, do this a lot. Be in contact with the future. I distinctly remember writing a long and tearful letter and stuffing it in a hole in the wall when I left my first apartment, begging the person who found it to have as wonderful a time there as I did. It seems a nice habit to have.

trillian_stars and I have had a movie studded week. We watched lots of movies, including Strange Days, Blossoms in the Dust, La Femme Nikita, and more. I must say, oddly enough, I really liked The Lake House it was just filled with ... nice. Even if some of that nice was Keanu Reeves, whom I normally despise. Perhaps I was maudiline over the note in the ceiling, but the idea of people talking back and forth through time ... well, coupled with a credible love story ... it was really lovely to see. Sandra Bullock does in that move what she always does so well -- she plays a nice, believable, likable, ordinary person. I commend her for that: for not being Denise Richards or Jessica Alba. Two thumbs up. I also really liked her in Premonition.

Apart from that, Trillian and I have walked around the neighborhood a lot, sat in coffee shoppes, reading and writing ... her play opens and closes this week so there's that slight apprehension, but really, this is the most wonderful life I could imagine.
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