January 7th, 2009

fairy tale

A few years back, the Dolls were coming through town and Amanda emailed and said "Hey, come to the show, it'll be swell to see you, I'm leaving two backstage passes at the door." And I asked a couple of friends and they were of the "I was planning on alphabetizing my socks tonight, but if you really need someone to go, I guess I could go ... " school.

So I thought, I should really give this to the Person on Earth who Needs it Most. That afternoon I found a post on the Interwebz from Lauren who was ... if not in tears, on the verge of them because she couldn't get a ticket to the show (which was sold out). So I emailed her and told her it was her lucky day, I had an envelope for her.

This turned out to be one of those things that reverberates through history because Lauren wasn't like any other 16 year old (or was she 15 years old?) I'd ever met. I keep saying that success is part luck and part hard work -- and it's true. Bumping into Madonna in an elevator is luck, being able to say "here's my CD, I'm a fantastic violin player, I should be on your next album" -- that's hard work. Anyway, Lauren ran into a bit of luck and instead of just getting a couple of autographs and calling her friends to say "you'll never guess where I am!" (both of which I seem to recall she actually did) -- she grabbed the luck and ran and held onto her dreams and believed in herself and worked worked worked like a pack mule for the next two years and whatnot.

And now she's turned into something wonderful and has really bloomed as a photographer and a creative force. Aaaand she just got into college. Aaaand she's already got a bunch of publications and tear sheets. Aaaand someday I'm going to walk into a bookstore and I'm going to pick up a book and see that it's by Lauren F.T.V. and I'm going to look in the acknowledgements and I'm going to see "Thanks to Kyle, for handing me that back-stage pass that evening in 2006." And that's going to be a wonderful day.

AAAND, she just sent me this nice photo she took of me and Amanda recently after some show. (Note my ultra-hip Siouxsie Sioux t-shirt).

The circle is now complete.

AAAAAAAAAAND the moral of this story is DO THINGS. The more you work, the luckier you get.

Be swell people. Down here on Earth, things are wonderful.