January 11th, 2009

sick as a dog (what's your story?) sick as a dog (five cats got my tongue)

I've basically been in bed for three days feeling physically miserable but emotionally triumphant. trillian_stars has been illin too and today she called her doctor and she prescribed some magic potion so I shuffled off to the drug store to get it wearing my pajamas and parka. I must say, there's something extremely fulfilling and liberating about walking around the hood in bedroom slippers. You have this "I'm sick, I can' do whatever I want" mentality, you feel special. And no pharmacist in the world is going to make life difficult for someone obviously so ill he only has the energy to put his coat on before staggering out into the street to pick up the life-giving magic berries.

We watched two of the Die Hards, an episode of Millennium and La Vie en Rose -- I've heard the average American watches 4 hours of television a day and we got close to that the last few days. Woohoo.

One problem with our house has been the lighting in the upstairs. You have to go down a long hallway to get to the light switch so when someone wants to use the restroom, one of us usually has to run upstairs first to turn the lights on so they don't trip on Momcat and break their neck. Well, I thought, "Wouldn't it be nice to have a rope light that just runs the whole length of the hallway that you can turn on and off from either up or down stairs?

So now we have that. And I got to use my drill and be all manly.

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