January 14th, 2009

There's a Christmas Tree on the Highway

Momcat's been coming downstairs the last few days. The first time in probably more than a year. Not sure what it means, whether she feels more comfortable downstairs now, or less comfortable upstairs. But there are big piles of matted fur on various sofas can chairs showing her travels throughout the day. She's a bit like Pigpen.

Since momcat beat out trillian_stars in the "what would you like to see more of in this blog" poll. Here she is in all her grumpy glory.
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this one never gets old

I just heard the Dresden Dolls are getting back together to play in DC for the Inauguration how exciting.

I read some article once that said (i'm paraphrasing) "a surefire way to torpedo your artistic career is to post photos of your cats on your blog, but there are people like Kyle Cassidy who fly in the face of such wisdom and post so many cat photos that they seem immune from not being taken seriously, almost as though by inoculation."

Because I'm immune to people not taking me seriously if I post cat photos, here's another momcat from this morning:

How can you not love this furbag?!

My nose is still running like crazy, but I got Kleenx WITH LOTION the box is three times taller than a regular box of tissues. It's like blowing my nose into a jellyfish.
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    roswell playing with a bottle cap