January 22nd, 2009


When I posted the photos from the Lower 9th Ward someone pointed me to Matt Faust's video "Home". Matt lived in New Orleans and his family's home was destroyed by the floods. He knew nothing about animation but went to LSU to learn and, taking a series of Independent Studies came up with one of the most amazing and beautiful pieces of video I've seen in a long time.

I wrote to Matt and he wrote back and I wrote back and eventually he sent me a DVD of the final project which trillian_stars and I watched on the big screen last night. I ... beyond impressed.

Matt's true gift I think is not his astounding skills as an animator, there are lots of great animators, the thing I think is most unique is his ability to take the incredible energy created by such a tragedy and say "This will not destroy me, this will not cripple me, this will not defeat me, I will take this energy and turn it in a positive direction, I will make something from this destruction and I will be better for it." That's the rare thing.

I give you Matt Faust.

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