February 1st, 2009

Gardner Dozois is a Very Funny Fellow

Friday night Brad & Yags & I went out to dinner with Garner "the Hugo Magnet" Dozois, Tom Purdom, Joe Haldeman & his wife, Gay.

The reason being that Joe and Gay, were in town. I'd just finished reading Joe's last book, Mars Bound and was delighted that he'd brought along (I guess he wouldn't leave it at home) his handwritten draft of the followup, "Star Bound" which was in three large notebooks. I learned much about his writing process, he had very clever charts he'd drawn up of the characters relationships to one another and, something I found extremely clever, he'd cut photos out of magazines and pasted them into one of the notebooks to put faces on all the characters, knowing what they look like helps him figure out how they'll act and react.

I'm constantly impressed by how freaking funny Gardner is and always bowled over by how nice Tom Purdom is.

Greg Frost stopped by to say "howdy" but couldn't stay. Greg and Joe both teach at the Clarion writers workshop. (Greg is also frostokovich.)

Then Saturday, Trill and I went out to brunch with her parents, it's always fun to hang out with Colonel & Dr. Stars. Trill mentioned that I'd written a play for her last week and her father, who is also an actor said "Well, I want a play too. One with a good death scene." That's what I'm supposedly working on right now. (Which brings up something Joe Haldeman was talking about. He recommended an article by Corey Doctrow on "Writing in the age of Distraction". As Joe put it, "How can you possibly sit down to write while Google's right there, begging to tell you all about the Civil War and Toxoplasma?"

Then last night Brad and Trill and I watched "Rock Star" with Jennifer Anniston and Mark Walbherg which was freaking awesome. Then this morning I took an awesome portrait of trillian_stars and Roswell which I shall post tomorrow.
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