February 4th, 2009

banned in england!

Well, we finally got some snow. whafford and trillian_stars and I went out and ran around in it late last night. There were many people on the streets laughing and making snow persons. The light reflected off of the snow so brightly that it was almost like day.

Still no home for Momcat2 or N00t0n. I'm getting anxious.

trillian_stars answering fan mail.

Amanda Palmer weirdness. There's been a lot of "wtf" with my darling Amanda lately -- starting with her record company saying she's too fat. (wtf?) Anyway. Amanda wrote a song about ... well, I'll let you figure out what it's about. It's a great song and Pope made a wonderful video of it. And there's been so much adversity about it. It had to be recut right off the bat because people were unhappy with it. Then the version that was released has been up and down because of some weirdness between Roadrunner Records and Youtube and now Amanda's in England and she gets off the plane to the news that nearly every media outlet in England has officially refused to play the song. Seriously. It's not that they're just not playing it, it's that they've bothered to pick up the phone and make a call and say "we are actively not going to play this song because we are upset with the words in it. People are afraid of words, they're afraid of sounds. They're afraid of a bubbly pop song because it mentions serious subjects in a way some people don't find serious enough.

wtf people? I'll wager that Amanda Freaking Palmer knows more about the mind of a 17 year old girl than the folks at Kerrang!, and if those girls are upset with Amanda's words, they're not demonstrating it very well, judging by the sold out crowds.

Anyway. The video The Man Does Not Want You To See. Dangerous ideas ahead.

(Keep an eye out for Beth and Emily Freaking White as the nurses.)

And in the small world/big people department, while Amanda's in England she's been staying with ... ... ... John Clute(!), whom many of you know wrote a wonderful book with realthog for which they won a Hugo and a World Fantasy Award. (You meet all the famous peeps in my LJ.)

Amanda posted a list of the people who are too afraid of her song to play it. I reproduce it here Collapse )

write away.
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