February 11th, 2009


When my nephew, who's 12 now, was about four, he used to run around the kitchen moving stuff around while my sister was cooking. He'd put silverware in the trash, or in the oven, or take things out of the fridge, or put food in the dishwasher, or books in the sink, and the whole time he'd repeat this mantra "Helping helping helping". Which I find myself often repeating while I'm getting in the way of something Trillian's trying to do.

Last night Trillian was sketching and Roswell lent a hand by popping every single pastel out of the container and knocking them around the living room. Helping helping helping.

And over the weekend schnookiemuffin (that may be spelled right) traveled out from texas and stayed with us while attending some Bullet Wound Trauma Field Surgery class in Lancaster. I told her we didn't live anywhere near Lancaster and it would be a two hour drive there and back every day. She said she didn't care, she wanted to meet Roswell.

And so she did.

Helping helping helping.
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I'd noticed one day last week that I had 1501 friends on this blog which I thought was pretty neat and then a couple days later while trying to find someone in my profile I saw that it had dropped to 1498 and I thought Sweet Barking cheese! How can someone want to leave this beautiful madness? It may be the relative dearth of goth hottyas in my lj the last couple of years that's siphoning off subscribers, or maybe it's the attrition of the Meatball Sung fans. In any event, the next afternoon Neil mentioned me in a twitter and twenty five new people showed up.

Hallo! (feel free to say hi)

Which reminds me that I'd wanted to mention for a while that some kind soul made a livejournal rss feed to Michael Swanwick's blog which is very nice because I keep forgetting to pop over there and check it.

Neil Freaking Gaiman and Michael Freaking Swanwick are two of the most wonderful, creative (and kind) people it's my pleasure to know. It's wonderful when good things happen to good people. Here they are.

trillian_stars posted a photo in her blog of me shredding on a banjo. Imagine that it sounds just like Megadeth, but twangy. Rawk.

Awesome stuff coming soon.
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