February 16th, 2009

"come in, welcome, i'm e.g. marshall...."

I have returned.

Sweet barking cheese. It was an amazing, crazy, wonderful four days, I didn't get more than three hours sleep at any time, and after an incident which I will not go into, I had to jump into water that even Russian polar bear swimmers and survivors of the Titanic would have thought was "really too freaking cold" but it was very productive and very successful trip.

I had such a great time, but it's good to be home. Roswell's going crazy. She's actually petting me with her little paw, stroking my arm and purring. trillian_stars is making me breakfast. How did things get so wonderful?

I started traveling at 2:30 this morning, which isn't really that long ago, but I feel like Odysseus walking up the drive and seeing Argos and Penelope waiting for him.

Hello interwebz. It's good to be home.

Photos will follow.
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Just a post real quick....

So ... back from Florida. Colin and I ended up crashing two nights with nita_mehnert, who's whafford's awesome mother (imagine someone who's half Tori Amos and half Frida Kahlo) & her husband, Eddy, (who like me has a ham radio license but who, unlike me, can send Morse code at 35 wpm -- nerd alert). Here's Nita being anonymous:

As whafford posted, she just had three pieces accepted by the Tampa Museum of Fine Art, and they're awesome. I snapped fotos of some of them -- she has maybe a dozen pieces like this though -- they're called "Not Machines". She's one of the most creative people I've ever met.

I'd mentioned to the marvelous and charming Gay Haldeman that I wanted to see alligators in between all the official stuff I was working on. "That's not difficult," she said and took us out for a walk, and sure enough, if we didn't see alligators

All over the place.

In other news, Greg Frost is interviewed in Genre Fiction.

More later. I still have that most awesome photo that trillian_stars and I did last week that I need to post. I'm Mighty Tired right now though.
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