February 24th, 2009


One of the bright lights in the universe quietly winked out yesterday morning when luminel left this earth. A not infrequent commenter here, I met Melanie and her boyfriend Brian three years ago. They were neighbors but espising an opportunity, they packed up their lives and moved off to an adventure in New Zealand. Shortly after they arrived she was diagnosed with cancer -- however, she told us all, it was a very treatable cancer and things seemed to be going well. Her death was sudden and unexpected.

If you're about to begin this morning grumpy and complaining because a roommate ate two of your eggs without asking, or your boss is making you work a double shift, or you got a parking ticket, or your best friend picked someone else to be Maid of Honor, or you lost a Netflix disk in the mail: take some time to read luminel's journal and see how in the face of chemotherapy, weight and hair loss, weeks in the hospital, she found nothing but the best in life every single day. I can't remember a photo of her where she's not smiling. (There's even this photo of her smiling while she's getting chemotherapy.)

As she promised in her very first post, Every Day is a New Day:

So, I have finally given in, and decided to add myself to the online community. Here it is! my very own live journal.... Now I promise there will be no bitching (unless it's really funny), no relationship drama, and only uber interesting and life altering stuff in my future posts. So I hope you all enjoy it and let me know if you do!

One thing I learned from her is Don't ever be petty. There are more important things in the world. Every day. Find the important thing.

The important thing today is that I knew you, Melanie.

If you're going to comment, please do it in her LJ, I'm sure her family would like to hear.

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