March 4th, 2009

M0ar B00kz!!

The lights in our world burn brightly and burn numerous. Yesterday our friend Carolyn Turgen's new novel Godmother: The Secret Cinderella Story came out and you should buy it -- if you like Magical Realism, and stories about fairies, and retellings, and -- what do they call it? Urban Fantasy?

What's Godmother about? Well, let me tell you ....

The year is nowish. Cinderella's Godmother has been banished from the fairy world because she fell in love with the prince, yes, that prince, and ruined Cinderella's life. As punishment she's been sent to live in the grey world of humans and she's just this dumpy little old woman who lives in this miserable little apartment in Manhattan and can't pay the rent and her landlord is always threatening to kick her out. Every day she binds her wings tightly beneath her clothes before she goes out. But her life is not all drear -- she works in a book store, which she loves, run by a charming man who she thinks is the bees knees and then she meets Veronica who's an amazing seamstress and the Godmother starts to wonder if this may be her opportunity for redemption -- if she can help these two people fall in love, maybe she'll be let back into the world of fairies.

It's one of trillian_stars' favorite books, so you need to own it.

Carolyn blogs as carolynturgeon -- in case you want to cyber-stalk her after reading her book. A few months back I did this awesome author photo of her, which should make you want to read her book even more.

Carolyn is also the author of Rain Village.
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Someone's in the Kitchen with Roswell

Despite all the activity lately it's been pretty homey around here which I'm grateful for. We watched some good movies, including Rouge, the 1938 version of Marie Antoinette, and Woody Allen's Match Point -- we also had a lovely monster movie double feature with Host and Lake Placid. As much as I like being places and doing things, I do like sitting on my own sofa an awful lot. Watching Marie Antoinette I realize how much happier I am, every day, than so many people whom one would expect are leading the most enviable lives.

trillian_stars has been reading Flashman to me which is stupefyingly wonderful, every second page is interrupted by our collapsing in laughter. Herself, Trill's reading Perilous Guard, the YA fiction novel which she's been enjoying and I've been reading Fred Pohl's autobiography and John Grant's exciting non-fiction work Corrupted Science. I also picked up a copy of Time Windows which someone recommended in the "what's your favorite adolescent lit book? post. There's something incomparable about lounging on the settee in front of the fireplace reading. I think it must be close to the height of evolved human comfort.

I finished another play tonight (thanks for everyone who helped with the French phrases) which I feel gives me special dispensation to spend extra time doing mostly nothing that doesn't involve watching movies and sipping grappa like a barber shop full of old Italian men. Last night Trillian read the entire play out loud, acting out all the parts which was head-swellingly awesome, there was much laughing. We've also had some quality pinball time in lately which has been swell.

In the midst of all the adventures of late, I realize that sitting home making dinner with Trillian is the highlight of my life. Especially if Roswell is helping. I wish I could bottle this and give it to the world, because it's the best thing I know.

(BTW, Y'all should add Michael Swanwick's RSS lj feed -- he's a fabulous and funny man.)