March 12th, 2009

angle the deflector shields while i charge up the main guns

"Put your shoes on," the mailman said, "I'm gonna need your help with this one."

A crate! A crate! What could it be?! Hennipin can be seen here helping anchor it to the ground.

How exciting. I imagine this is what Renfield must feel like every time he has to ship Dracula somewhere. (Except without the power tool goodness.)

Wheee! It's part of the Armed America art show being shipped up from the Darkroom gallery in New Orleans. This month it moves to Princeton University's Woodrow Wilson Gallery. About three more crates to go. It's a BIG show. (Roswell helped with the unpacking.)

Then I went back to being sick on the sofa, with trillian_stars who's also sick. We watched "Children of Men" and "Star Wars" and ate soup and blew our noses and coughed a lot.

I prefer being sick on the sofa with trillian_stars than to most anything with anybody else.
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