March 13th, 2009

dogs and cats

Because there are dog people and there are cat people and then there's Karen, who wants to save everything and because there are lost dogs and cats everywhere looking for people to love:

This just in from yackersmaren:

This is Carlos, he was dropped off at a SPCA in Drexel Hill (NJ/PA/DE) area. He apparently was
dropped off at one shelter and his buddy at another by his caretaker who claimed he couldn't take care of them any more. He is a Chihuahua about 4 years old. If you know anyone interested let me know.

In other news, I'm feeling a little better. I had some soup, tea, started moving around. There is much to do. No time to be sick, HOWEVER, being sick has helped me to read an awful lot more books. It's been like "read for 20 minutes, fall asleep for 20 minutes, read for 20 minutes, fall asleep for 20 minutes, read for 10 minutes, cough for 10 minutes, sleep for 10 minutes, blow nose for 10 minutes." Rinse, lather, repeat.

I'm going to post that awesome new photo on Monday. I figure everyone's in Florida right now. You should eagerly anticipate it.

p.s. Dude, Maryanne Faithful. Fo shizzle.
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