March 14th, 2009

in which our hero passes a lazy afternoon

Still blowing my nose every 30 seconds over here at Casa Del Milla. trillian_stars and I made chili, which was tasty. Watched some old episodes of Monk. I was achy from the plague so while I lounged in the hot tub, Trillian read a chapter of Flashman to me. This is really a marvelous book. And we have added to our phrasicon "This is no place for Flashman!" which is what Flashman says whenever he finds himself in peril (which is often) and it works perfectly for dull parties, long queues, and Burger King -- you can just lean over and say "Darling -- This is no place for Flashman!" when you want to leave somewhere.

My muscle ache melted away in the hot tub and my brain perked up from the reading, but feeling languorous we crawled into bed, surrounded by well wishing cats and read more.

After a while Trillian's half-sister Veronique stopped by and -- they're so competitive, those two. Really.

Trill's feeling fine so she went off to see Road at Curio. I stayed here because I hate going to plays where people cough and blow their nose the whole time, especially if it's me.

I'm reading Frederick Pohl's book Starburst and I'm almost done. After that I'm going to start with The Time Traveler's Wife.

I'm really glad I went to that play all that time ago and met trillian_stars. Life just wouldn't be the same without her, would it? So many things can be traced back to ... such little, chance, incidents.
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