March 17th, 2009

Because there are only so many hours of awesome in the day.

So last night was the first rehearsal for the staged reading of MAH PLAY Ravens Gate at the Painted Bride Arts Center which happens on March 31 at 7:30 p.m.

First rehersals are always trepedatious for a playwright -- you're worried that your actors are going to mangle your words and that the director, won't understand your jokes or the characters motivation and will take the production off into some rambunctious territory where nothing makes sense.

However, I am happy to report that Ravens Gate will be smashing. Carla, the director, was wonderful, and Michael (playing opposite trillian_stars completely nailed the part of James. I left the theater feeling taller. I was impressed at how Carla had dug into the play and discovered the points upon which it floated and then offered these fulcrums to the actors saying "it's up to you to figure out your transitions through these places." Heady stuff.

I wrote this play in 2007, on an airplane from London to Philadelphia and I haven't looked at it for a long time. Hearing the actors read it was an exhilarating discovery, it was like listening to someone else's play and, I'm happy to say, it's a lot better than I thought.

You'll love it. I expect to see some of you on the 31st.
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