March 23rd, 2009


I'm fascinated by people's houses.

My book, Armed America: Portraits of Gun Owners in Their Homes, I've always said, isn't a book about guns, but rather a book about people. The idea of collecting a hundred families, almost at random, and photographing their houses was an incredible experience. I realized while I was working on it that if I wasn't a photographer, I'd like to be the Guy Who Reads Your Meter, because I love the idea of seeing how people live. (I suppose I might just as well have been a cat burglar, but the lights are usually out which makes it hard to see the house, let alone to find the cat.) The American Rocker project was kind of the same thing -- an excuse to photograph the way people live every day.

In any event, I posted some photos of our house to saucydwellings -- a community I like because we see inside people's houses, but a community I also dislike because a) it can be really freaking nasty at times and b) because you only see really clean houses.

One of my absolute favorite posts ever here is where you all posted photos of your bookshelves. Because, really, a photo of your house is a photo of you.

I'd posted some photos of our house to saucydwellings this weekend but I figured I'd repost it here, in case anybody's curious how trillian_stars and Roswell and Milla and Safety Pin and Tatty and Momcat and I live. Because I know it was Very Freaking Cool to see your bookshelves.

And please, let use see your living rooms, and your parlors. I promise only good responses, however cluttered they may be. This blog is a happy place.

Were I to write a book about "how to make people like your blog" rule #1 would be "never make a heartfelt post and then close with a non-sequitor, because you will hijack your own post." But I really need to say that Wild by Poe is one of the best songs ever written. On Earth.

Hope you like it.

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