March 27th, 2009

come see mah play!

There was another rehearsal for the reading of Raven's Gate on wednesday and things are going so much better than I ever thought possible. There were things about the script that I was unsure of but Carla has proved to be an amazing director -- she's grabbed all the important parts of the play, drew the actors attention to them and talked about why and how they were important. It's obvious she's studied and studied this. There was much discussion a year ago between trillian_stars and I as to whether the play was a comedy or a drama but I think Carla's demonstrated that it's a drama, though one that at times is quite funny. Some lines and situations that have comedic value she's proved can also have great gravity. Michael has turned out to be absolutely perfect for the part he's playing. It's been such a wonderful and rewarding experience. I really hope to see some of you on Tuesday.

An excerpt for y'all:

James: What did you call your apartment? I'm sorry to change the subject -- but I'm ....

Priscilla: Ravens Gate Manor. What do you call yours? 3C?

James: Do people here -- in the city I guess, do they ordinarily name their apartments?

Priscilla: I assure you I have no idea what people ordinarily do. If I did, I should probably try to avoid it -- so it's best I don't know -- in the inevitable event that sometimes people ordinarily do sensible things in particular circumstances which I would reject out of hand as being ordinary. Like putting a kettle under a leak in the roof or something.

James: Who's lady Beaumont?

Priscilla: I have no idea. What are you talking about?

James: I -- this is a bit embarrassing -- I'm not sure if you told me what your name is.

Priscilla: I might have told you what someone's name is. My name is Priscilla St. Glengles von Bismark.

James: Are you related to Barron Von Bismark?

Priscilla: I don't know. Is he related to me?

James: Is that really your name?

Priscilla: Maybe it is, maybe it's not, Mr. 3C, but the day in which you automatically rate a vetted biography has not yet arrived. We are still at the point where amusing myself is far more important than providing you with news reporting. I get the impression you're still exploring. My last boyfriend was an explorer. He was lost in Africa.

James: Lost?

Priscilla: He wasn't a very good explorer, it would seem.

James: Maybe he was a brilliant explorer but just lousy with maps. After all, it seems he found a place nobody else has been able to.

Priscilla: That could very well be. I sent him out for cat litter once and he returned with a fog machine.

James: Really? Like from a disco?

Priscilla: He was completely impractical, but the house was decorated for conversation.
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