April 12th, 2009

what i'm reading

Could not put this down -- it's fun.

It's engrossing light urban fantasy (I was about to say it has "romance elements" but if it was told from the point of view of a man and there were scenes of debauchery we wouldn't say anything at all, we'd just say "it's light urban fantasy" -- what a sexist world we live in and don't even realize it) with very witty dialog and fun characters.

Quick Plot: Jewel works in a Chicago of the near future above which a pink cloud hovers -- no one's really sure what makes it or what it does, but strange and magical things happen occasionally, possibly related to the cloud, which the mayor is trying to ignore. Pigeons have started smoking cigarettes -- no one's sure why. Jewel works for the bunco squad, writing tickets for corner deli's with inaccurate scales and the like. She's called to investigate Clay, a confidence man running a "sex therapy" office from a hotel. Jewel smells a rat but can't quite figure out what it is. What it IS is an Incubus trapped in the bed for two centuries. The incubus wants out, a bunch of clients want the bed, Jewel's not sure exactly what she wants, though it might involve the incubus, and it might even involve Clay, who's charming in his own sort of way. Jewel's boss is cheating on his wife who is Jewel's best friend, his wife is in love with the incubus, and somewhere in Chicago there's a homeless kid who has Genii in a bottle that he keeps renting to people and causing havoc.

You can read it on the train. It's fun.

Here's Jennifer Stevenson's office. It has a secret door in it. Shhhh!

Announcement soon about Very Important Stuff!!!
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One more update

So today was a fun-filled foray. Science Fiction legend Tom Purdom invited trillian_stars and I to a performance of the "American Society of Ancient Instruments" -- they play classical, romantic, and baroque music on period instruments.

One of the violin players had suffered a stroke only six weeks before and tonight she was tearing up the Paganini -- it was a testament to the human mind and it affected me on a scientific level as well -- how unknown, wonderous, and amazing this organ is.

Tom is, by the way, prominently featured on the cover of this month's Asimov's. And freakin Michael Swanwick's in there again -- didn't he just have a story in there last month? Buy it, read it.

* "Ancient" is a hold-over from the French version of this group where the word merely means "old" -- I was at first expecting people to be beating on hollow logs.
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