April 15th, 2009


momcat's got a bloody ear, she keeps scratching it and flecking blobs of bloody fur onto the walls and the bedsheets. so now she's got a vet appointment. right now she's thwarting me by not getting in the trap.

momcat! there's tasty, tasty food in that cat trap! go in!

no no! don't come to the door, go into the trap!

foiled by a feral cat!

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the most expensive feral cat on the planet

Momcat update from teh vet:

1) She has a poylp that is extending throughout her ear canal and the top is the "bloody blob" that was visible at the top of her ear. These are typically benign. It will need to be removed by a surgeon, this will be a big deal.

2) She has a lesion on her tongue so large it's flipped her tongue upside down. This could be a benign inflamamtory lesion tht will resolve with steroids...or could be oral cancer. It will be biopsied.

3) Her grooming issues are probably related to her tongue and ear issues.

4) She's getting a perscription for prozac.

I can go get her at 5.

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fo shiZZLE!

didn't think you'd ever see THIS did you?

Momcat's all dosed up on roofies. We discussed the idea of burrito wrapping her with the vet who says that it actually has been known to work on older ferals (its how we domesticated roswell). So for the past three hours now, wait, three hours and 42 minutes, i've been petting the little darling while the meds wear off. I tried setting her down twice, but she still can't walk.

Who knows, she may just say "sweet barking cheese! i was missing out on this head scratching FOR TOO LONG!"

we shall see. i expect that she will return to her fearful self tomorrow, but I maintain hope.

Her ear looks good, and the shaved the mats out of her, but she still stinks a bit (she's taken to sleeping in the litter box for some crazy reason).
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