April 19th, 2009

wkap book pre-orders TOMORROW

The day, or one of them at least, has arrived.

Tomorrow morning at NOON the big book of "Who Killed Amanda Palmer" will go on sale. I'll post the link for pre-orders at twelve, EST. I believe Neil Freaking Gaiman is going to let Amanda and I post this first so that y'all have a chance to order a copy before his fans buy out the whole print order in a rush of noise and joy leaving naught in the warehouse for anyone else but dried leaves and candy bar wrappers. We are expecting that this print run will probably sell out in the first week. So, in order to not be left in the lurch, crying because you don't have this amazingly wonderful awesome book, check back at noon tomorrow for the pre-order url. The book is priced around $34 and will SHIP July 4. A little late, but very beautiful.

And have a splendid day!

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no airplanes

So, we didn't find the plane wreck, ah well. But I'm home. I had an awesome weekend in New York City with my friend Colin and Ellen Freaking Datlow, Peter Freaking Straub, and Chip Freaking Delany. I played more video games than I've played in 12 years, but I also took 7 or 8 hundred photos. There will be some photos soon.

I got home, Roswell ran circles around my feet, mewping until I picked her up and carried her around -- trillian_stars returned from rehearsal and swifted through the back yard dressed in billowing Mayfaire Moon and barbecued me Morningstar veggie dogs like some great, generous diaphanous ghost.

I had a really amazing weekend and an equally wonderful homecoming.

Tell me, what novel does it look like she has sprung from the pages of?

I have returned!
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