April 21st, 2009

the bright lights of science fiction

I just saw that the The Philadelphia Inquirer has an awesome article about Chip Delany in which he says "You should see my home office!" -- which I'm lucky to have seen and photographed.

One of my favorite things is that he repaired a broken shelf by shoving Nebula awards under it like some of the rest of us might shore up an uneven table leg with an old romance novel or appropriately sized magazine.

(The article quotes Michael Freaking Swanwick but calls him "Michael Swankier" -- I hope intentionally).

Chip was super awesomely fun most astoundingly kind and generous. He's one of my favorite people.

Also, Tom Freaking Purdom wrote a review of the Society of Ancient Instruments concert we went to.

Thirdly, if you can't afford The Big Book of Who Killed Amanda Palmer and you're kicking yourself that you didn't rob that liquor store when you had the chance, you can win a book or even something cooler by going to We Killed Amanda Palmer dot com and writing your own story about one of the photos there that didn't make it into the book or taking your own photo. I was so impressed by all your mad writing skillz a few weeks ago I called Neil and Amanda and said "holy crikies, we need to let people write their own stories, these are great!" so Olga Freaking Nunez made it happen.

To submit a story or a photo, just email it to stories@wekilledamandapalmer.com

Fame and fortune cannot be far away. Judging by the amazing stories y'all posted here before.