May 15th, 2009

breakfast with roswell

In the past few days the stats counter that I can't bring myself to shut off showed that my friend adds are up significantly (one of whom was Elizabeth Freaking Bear, (welcome to the madhouse matociquala)) mostly from people who I have no friends or communities in common with. It's always a puzzler. Looking at the logs I see that I am the number one google hit for "Harry Harrison Bombastic Behind" -- though I doubt that has much to do with it.

In any event. It's been a busy week. Planning for the Minnesota trip to photograph Neil's writing gazebo, Pamela Dean's -- well, her writing space is at the moment a cool secret, but it should be nifty, and a few other people. I was hoping to be able to get to Audrey Niffenegger too this time, but we seem doomed by constantly conflicting schedules.

I've been trying a new anti-insomnia medication, Zaleplon (aka Sonata), which has been wonderful. Lunesta works great, but it makes me sleep for 10 hours, which seems like a lot of time to give up out of my life. With Zaleplon I can take it at 10 and wake up at 5 am, which is lovely for getting things done. Sadly though it's not recommended to use longer than five weeks.

Yesterday I found one of Ellen Kushner's old Choose Your Own Adventure novels in the back of the living room closet and Trillian read it out loud to me, with deadly results. I took took my Zeleplon and was out in 10 glorious minutes.

This morning at 5 I got up, answered some email, read a bit of Annie Proulx's Wyoming short story collection and then Roswell and I made breakfast in bed for trillian_stars

where's roswell?

Had a meeting of the Fantabulous Tom Purdom book club this week, we discussed tom's 1965 novel The Tree Lord of Imeten, a space cowboy novel which I enjoyed a lot, and then we went to Pod, which is always fun.

Autographed copy sukkaz.

hanging out in center city with trillian_stars

If I had more time, this would be a less scatterbrained entry. I'll blame it on the Zaleplon.
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you can't help them all...

you can't help them all...but sometimes you can help someone help some of them.

A few years ago a one eared homeless cat came into my life and I failed her. It bothers me constantly. But I believe you can channel the power left behind by traumatic events into good things. Today I saw another cat missing ears (or parts of them) and here's a chance to help someone doing the thing that I didn't do.

This is Soda Bread. whitelightloom found him in a dumpster. She didn't ask, but she could use some help with his vet bills and especially with a foster, or, more beautifully, permanent home in the Kentucky area.

You can paypal to -- $3, $5, $10 -- many hands make light the work -- help someone do something good.

Here's her post:

I found a cat in the trash can where I work. I & many others believe he was put there. He was extremely emaciated. The trash can was too tall for him to crawl into. Anyway, regardless, there he was. His little ears damaged to a sickening point from ongoing ear mites & scratching.

I took him to the vet. He's been properly treated for fleas, ticks, heartworm, mites, lice & basically everything Revolution & vaccines can treat. He does NOT have feline leukemia, thank god. Unfortunately, his little ears will always look a little disfigured. He also has many teeth broken & missing from cat fights. The vet estimates Soda Bread is about 3 years old. He suffered from an extreme fever & some point in his life & had retinitis (where the eye has blue & purple). I'm not sure if it's caused brain damage or not. He has a lot of food anxiety. He has NOT been fixed yet because he's still recovering. Also, he has not had rabies or distemper shots because the vet thought it should wait a while as well. Needless to say probably, litterbox trouble exists in my home. But that can easily be fixed once Soda gets neutered.

The real problem is, he needs a home probably free of other male cats. He needs a lot of love & time. I feed him twice a day away from my pets. HE is the biggest lover I have ever pet. He even purred on the vet table. The vet/vet techs were AMAZED at how sweet Soda Bread really is.

All I really ask is that if anyone wants him, I will require the money needed to neuter him & get the other 2 shots neccessary.

I miss you baby. I wish I'd helped.

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