May 23rd, 2009


*** EDIT *** : If you want to participate but don't have a livejournal it's no problem, just comment anonymously but LEAVE YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS so someone can contact you *** END EDIT ***

Years ago I sent a fan letter to a musician named Nicki Jaine. I said she was awesome and we should do something together. She put me on the guest-list for one of her shows, we talked, one thing lead to another, and over the years we did lots of stuff together, made music, photos, music videos, &c &c. She introduced me to Amanda Palmer, Amanda introduced me to Neil Gaiman, Neil introduced me to his dog, Cabal, and today the three of us (Neil, Cabal, and I) made this photograph, which I think is a Right Nice image. This wouldn't exist, it wouldn't be on your screen right now, if I hadn't sent Nicki that letter -- the chain of deeds begins finely wrought. (I just invented that aphorism, use it as you like.)

In the spirit of that I'd like to introduce you and I'd like to see you produce some collaborative art. If you'd be interested in collaborating on a small art project with someone else here, just reply with the word "yes" -- don't say anything else about what you do, not if you write poetry, take photos, paint, tap dance -- just that you'd be willing to work with someone else to create something that didn't exist before. I'll follow up in another post with what comes next.

I think of this as a creative good deed, and I owe this one to Nicki Jaine.

(If you want to post a comment unrelated to the art-collaboration, feel free to do so, don't think you can't post "wow! dog!", you always can.)

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