May 28th, 2009

City Kitties Art Auction

Ladies and Gentlemen, let me tell you that I fell in love in Minneapolis. Yes. Despite the fact that I just got married, my heart now belongs to a blind cat that lives with Neil Freaking Gaiman. Her name is Zoe and she was rescued from a barn in 1995. She loves people and when she hears you come into the room, her little head tracks around and she mewps saying "If you can't see me, I'm making a noise so you can find me and pet me! I'm over here!" and when you leave the room she stands up and mewps again "You've gotten lost! I'm making this noise so you can find your way back to me!"

What could be better than having a cute little bunny like this?

Probably nothing, but the next closest thing is having an 8x10 print signed by me and Neil Freaking Gaiman himself. There are two such prints and both of them are up for auction at this years City Kitties Art Auction which raises money to help homeless cats in West Philadelphia.

The City Kitties auction is this friday and features lots of art that will look grand in your home and lots of great music.

Since there are probably lots of you who would love this print but can't make it to the auction, they're going to hang one on the wall and put the other up on ebay. I'll post details, but you should start collecting your pennies and picking out wall space for it right now.

If you can't make it to the auction you can donate anyway.

If you don't want to donate do not under any circumstances click on this link to their happy tails page of success stories.

There's much new good news, but it shall have to wait for a while. I am off. Have a swell day, and do something nice for an animal, it makes the world a better place.
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in case you missed it

The awesome awesome faustian_wish has been working like a beaver and has compiled list number 3 for you -- in the event you missed it in 2xcreative, here it is.

People still looking for people to team up should do it there. That's what it's for. Now go be splendid. & Many thanks to Faustie.

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passengers on earth

I just heard that jerseyray passed away this evening. In a time when we've been talking about collaborations -- he was someone generous with his musical gift. I once asked him why he played the accordian and he answered "I realized that it's often difficult to be the hottest guitar player in a room, but it's pretty easy to be the hottest accordian player in the room." He worked with Nicki Jaine for years and really helped define her new sound as she began to mature as an artist.

I'm left thinking that I didn't talk to him enough, didn't send an email or make a phone call to see what was going on when I could and let too many days slip through thinking that we'd just run into one another soon enough and it wouldn't require any extra effort on my part. I'd like to suggest that tonight everybody think about someone you should call and call them.

I'll let Ray say goodby himself in this 2005 New Years Eve video he an Nicki and I made. You should watch it, it seems appropriate.

*** Edit ***

Devoted Satellite writes:

Ray wrote me this when I was feeling down. That's just who he was.

You can listen to it here
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