May 29th, 2009

Some quick newz

You people rock my world. It's really difficult to pick out a favorite Amazon review for my "book". It will require much study. In the meantime check out your awesome reviews here.

Rock and Roll
In other k-k00l news, America's most down-to-earth industrial rakwshahz freaking ego_likeness just signed with Metropolis Records -- which is where they belong, (now I know who to hit up for VNV Nation tickets). We had a Top Secret album cover shoot at an Undisclosed Location (really, Dick Cheney was there) and the results are So Freaking Good I can't wait to show you. Seriously, I'm all tingly (that could just be because I use Selsun Blue). They played me the title track, BreedLess which I sat and listened mesmerized to then said "it needs more guitars". They took this in stride and we worked on photos for a while and then, about two hours later, out of nowhere, Steve says "I emailed the engineer, he remixed BreedLess with more guitars" -- laptop plugs into the stereo and ... holy crikies! PANTERA IS IN THE FREAKING HOUSE! I was a bit bowled away at a) how fast it was and b) that they cared enough about my opinion to actually have the engineer knock out another version. I hope they call it the Roswell Mix.

I wasn't sure how Top Secret it is, but I see there's a flip-phone video some fan made of a live show up on the You Tubez -- the audio's not great but imagine it with MORE GUITARS!:

In the great Circle of things, I now remember that I met Ego Likeness through Nicki Jaine. I went to a show up in New York with her where she was one of like three bands opening for them. When we walked in the door Steve jumped down off the stage and said "Are you the opening band? I'm Steve! Let me help you bring your gear in and help you set it up! This club can be a little tricky." I've been, in one way or another, working with bands since 1988 or so and people as nice as Steve and Donna are rare. They should BreedMore.

Record should be out in The Fall. Oh the anticipation!

They also have a song on the Neil Freaking Gaiman tribute album Where's Neil When You Need Him.

Art Begets Art
I've had people make drawing from my photos, and paintings, and there are people who have made them into tattoos -- but I think Sophie Mcnally is the first person who's made a sculpture out of one of my photos:

Thanks to Amanda for sending this along.

City Kitties
I'll be at the City Kitties art auction tonight. Nicki Jaine was supposed to play but given Ray's passing I'm not sure she'll make it. If you see me there, do come up and say hello. And buy things for your walls to help the kittens.

The Great Art Collaboration
If you want to talk about your art collaboration projects, or you came late to the party and are looking for someone to work with, join the community 2xcreative where all that is taking place now. I'm so excited to see what comes from this.

Humbling wtf moment
According to the server stats, last week more people read this blog than live in Salt Lake City, Utah. Sweet Barking Cheese! Hello world!

Now, go be awesome today.
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