May 30th, 2009

updates and stuff

City Kitties art auction went swimmingly. We had a swell time and met lots of people I'm still thrilled and a bit baffled when people come up and introduce themselves and say they've been reading this for three years or whatever.

Lawbabeak settled the Great Wyoming Telescope debate by giving me her Meade EXT-90 UHTC Spotting Scope. The brash side of me is lamenting the fact that I didn't get an 8 inch with a drive and so will not return with amazing photos of the andromeda galaxy, but the practical side of me is rejoicing that I won't be lugging 100 lbs of telescope halfway across the country and then trying to figure out where to store it in Castle Roswell when we get back.

I can't find my t-mount adapter (I didn't look really hard) but this is what you get if you just hold your camera to the back of the EXT:

The fact that I'm using a camera tripod with a tilt/pan head I think pretty much assures me that I will be able to find Very Little in the sky anyway, however, I think the key is to view imposed limitations as challenges. Perhaps I shall use the moon and starlight for a series of super-long night exposures of the Wyoming landscape. We Shall See!

Today trillian_stars and whafford and I went to my parents house. There are two oak trees that my sister and I planted as acorns when we were kids. They're fifty feet tall now. I had an overpowering urge to climb mine and sit in the branches and read a book.

I'm behind on my article for We Killed Amanda Palmer so I need to stop blogging and start writing.

Have a swell day. Read a book in a tree if you can.
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