June 3rd, 2009

New Essay!

I have a new "how to" photography essay up on We Killed Amanda Palmer on using bounce flash.

Exciting illustration from the essay:

And no, I didn't bounce Roswell from the ceiling. But you'll need to read the essay to find out exactly what did happen.

Lots of new user submitted stories and photos too! You guys rock.
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flappers and philosophers

1) Trillian Stars and I are on our way to the Who Killed Amanda Palmer thingie in NYC with Neil Freaking Gaiman. If you see us, say hello! or at least point and shout.

2) I realized while walking to the bus that if there are any flappers left alive at all, they're probably in nursing homes sitting quietly. This made me sad.

3) I see that they are remaking "The taking of Pelham 123". This made me sad too. Then I saw that it stars Denzel Washington and John Travolta. This made me even sadder.

But Trillian Stars is here, and that makes me very happy. She's reading Flora Segunda. I'm reading John Mcphee's "Rising from the plains." Or at least I will be when I click "post".

(no subject)

If you're in or around Knoxville TN, I'm going to be on "The J show" on WNFZ-FM (94.3 The X: www.943thex.com) tomorrow morning spouting words of extreme wisdom about mah Srous documentary photography (as opposed to mah light and fluffy fine art photography.)