June 6th, 2009

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trillian_stars and I are in Wyoming, in the most awesome bed and breakfast I think I've ever been in. We have five rooms. Five. And a balcony.

While standing by the side of the road watching the most amazing storm hurtling towards us, we met Eddie, who is about as much a genuine cowboy as I'd ever expect to meet. He's also incredibly photogenic. Then we found out that he's in Lonesome Dove.

"I have one line," he says, "I say We're out of range up here and then I get gut-shot."

When it started to rain, he produced a neon green one-speed bicycle and rode off.

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More Wyoming

Scenes from the farm.....

Our hotel used to be a bank, in part, which was owned by a notorious bootlegger. In the morning trillian_stars received visitors in The Vault while having her coffee.

There's nothing here that doesn't look beautiful, no vista to be ignored.

Trillian with her uncle Tommy who is, I've discovered, quite the celebrity. He wrote the book Glimpses of Greybull's Past and everybody knows him, even if they've never met him. He's also quite the engaging storyteller. Here they are with what I think is a flowering prickly pear cactus. I also saw an ant mound two feet tall.

Now she's cooking me breakfast -- and then, more adventures!
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a moose bit my sister once

So we went for a drive today across the Big Horn mountains, stopping every half mile or so to get out and walk around. At 7,500 feet or so, where it was just starting to get chilly what should we see but .... A MOOSE.

It was a bit wary at first, but after a couple of sniffs it decided that we weren't edible or dangerous it just went back to eating and kept meandering slowly in our direction over a period of 20 minutes or so until it got to the point that we were the ones who thought the moose was too close....

We saw many many scenic vistas, several beaver dams ....

At the top of the mountain, we were rewarded with snow.

trillian_stars is almost finished making dinner, so I shall go now. Still too cloudy to consider the telescope.

Hope your lives are fabulous today.
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