June 9th, 2009


This morning we went to Thermopolis, which is an enormous hot spring -- the Native Americans thought it had therapeutic value and bathed in it, the U.S. government bought it from them and now it's a theme park. Well, not exactly, but there are water slides. It's amazing how trillian_stars and i instantly turned into teenagers when met with water slides. I'm covered in bruises from all the bouncing around.

Then we went hiking. Your humble author at the base of a butte he is about to climb. Ahem.

the lovely and talented ms. trillian stars.

At the top of the butte I found a cairn of flat stones. Lifting them up hoping to find exciting snakes and lizards, I instead discovered a plastic container with a hidden book!

Inside dozens of people had written down what they were feeling after climbing up so high, seeing so far, and ... finding this book hidden in this pile of rocks.

Trillian from this morning

It's amazing how tiring doing down a water slide 30 times is. We're both beat.

Goodnight folks. Thanks for reading.
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