June 13th, 2009

some stuffenzee

1) The cat you all helped, Sodabread is doing well, thanks to whitelightroom for rescuing him and all of you for helping him out. WLR posted this photo of him:

2) Secret Photo Project is underway! You might see it by mid next week.

3) When I photographed Peter Freaking Straub for Where I Write I also did a bunch of portraits This is one that I'm quite fond of.

If you ever get a chance to see Peter talk, do it. He's so funny, which you might not expect from a Master of Horror.....

4) I bought a Lenovo s10 netbook to take to Wyoming with me but the odd little thing rebooted itself every 45 minutes or so. A call to Lenovo advised that I shouldn't put it on my lap because it would get too hot and reboot. Perhaps if I were Satan. I gave up on tech-support and exchanged it for another which has been working happily now. I like it, but some fool moved the right hand shift key and replaced it with the up-arrow. Every time I want to type a capital letter i finish a word in the middle of the line above.

5) Sorting through two thousand Wyoming photos. Here's the view from the top of Thermopolis -- 360 degrees. You can see a heard of buffalo on one of the hills. Now don't you want to go to Wyoming?

Clickenzee for Very Large (3000 pixels wide) If your browser resizes it to fit the screen width, just click on it once to see it full size.

That is all. Do something wonderful today.
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