June 16th, 2009

in which wonderful things happen

They're talking about Where I Write in France ...

and in England ....

and even at NaNoWrMo....

I'll be working on the Secret Photo Project tonight I'm guessing it'll be ready for Prime Time mid next week.... I'm mucho excited about it.

In other news, because everybody's asking, as many of you have heard, the cat's out of the bag, Amanda and Neil are now officially alt.cute.couple.nom.nom.nom (whereas trillian_stars and I are
alt.cute.couple.pirate.smackdown.pajamas.monkeyrocket). Here they are celebrating their love by cooking me dinner. (NFG, btw, is a really awesome cook.)

I finished reading Letters of a Woman Homesteader (that links to an etext) which I really loved. This woman was indomitable -- wilderness and hard work were challenges she enjoyed and every day was an opportunity to do something new and productive. It was uplifting and motivational.

Be the ray of sunshine in someone's life today.
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