June 21st, 2009

Larger than usual update....

Our old friends Karen and Matt came over last night, they brought trillian_stars three dresses that they'd found in their travels one of which I liked a lot. It has the unique ability to provide camouflage in the jungle and make one Near Invisible when sitting on a 1930's vintage Duncan Phiffe sofa. Here's Trillian looking intense in her new dress:

Then we all watched The Exorcist which holds up very well. I hadn't seen it in years but I realize that it's one of those movies that you have to keep coming back to as you get older and the characters, emotions, and situations you identify with change. Oddly enough, the character I found myself fixated on this time was the assistant, Sharon, played by Kitty Winn (who IMDB tells me was initially cast as Riply in Alien but turned it down) -- perhaps because I'm at a period in my life where I know a lot of assitants and have had assistants myself from time to time I see the things they go through selflessly and tirelessly. Watching Sharon, especially when she rings father Carras and brings him to Reagan's room to show him the writing on her stomach -- I found a beautiful story of love and dedication and devotion in the face of incredible trauma, spinning heads, and pea soup.

trillian_stars an I also watched Christoffer Boe's tale of infidelity and alternate reality Reconstruction which I liked very much in a Primer, Eternal Sunshine, The Jacket, Magnolia sort of way. And we watched the 1944 Van Johnson vehicle Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo which I both loved and didn't love. The air scenes were fabulous, the love story I could have done without.

Speaking of love (or doing without) Momcat (who for those of you are new, is a feral cat who showed up in our hasta bushes four years ago with five kittens. We brought them in. The kittens who were super adorable all found homes, but nobody wanted Momcat. So, she lives under the bed and in the closets.) ... as I was saying, Momcat has been hanging out on the bed more lately,
but something about her look doesn't suggest that she wants to snuggle yet. I'll leave you to write your own captions.

Today we went to visit Dr. and Colonel Stars for fathers day. Typical of myself I was sociable for half the time and spend the rest out on the sun porch with the laptop furiously prepping for Worldcon. I had to crush everybody's statements into a very short space so I was trying to figure out how to get two hours of Piers Anthony into 150 words. It ain't easy. But, like John F. Kennedy said, we don't do the cool stuff because it's easy, we do it because it's challenging.

The wonderful Neil Gaiman posted a photo I took of his awesome daughter, Maddy, jumping on a trampoline over on his blog along with some fathers day notes.

LJ advisory board elections are tomorrow & I'm official. I'll post something about it when voting starts. Hope y'all are swell.
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