June 24th, 2009

More from Wyoming

You can't really say you "stumbled upon" the airplane graveyard since you can see it for miles -- a dozen airplanes sitting in the middle of the prairie, surrounded by red hills and antelope. It seems other-worldy and you "stumble across" it as one would stumble across the giant stone feet of Ozymandias in the desert. trillian_stars found our way there, in and amidst mostly war aircraft like and this C119C Flying Boxcar which was not only used by paratroopers, but at times to drop hay to starving cattle isolated on the range.

Trillian banged her knee up pretty good crawling through the bomb bay of a PB4Y-2 Privateer -- which was extremely narrow, like a cave fissure. I can't imagine having to do that while being shot at.

We watched the Vera Farmiga film Never Forever a tale of romance and treachery which we both liked, and five episodes of Lonesome Dove (hoping to spot Eddie taking a bullet in the gut). About three hours into it we discovered there are about 30 DVD's worth of Lonesome Dove and we don't even know which version Eddie was in. The series (Lonesome Dove: The Series) is entertaining but improbable. With notable acting performances by guest cast members like Judge Reinhold and Billie Dee Williams but Star Wars caliber acting from most everyone else. We ended up entertaining ourselves by occasionally shouting out "to get acting lessons!" every time someone said "I need to ride to town."

Paula Picard made this lovely fridge magnet out of one of my Who Killed Amanda Palmer photos on a (very domestic) soup can lid and is selling the for $5 at postwar trade (link takes you there). Mine came with a little hand-made book and a thank you note from AFP and Beth of All Trades. Support indy art.

And in other news, I'm still 8,000 votes behind what last years winner of the LJ Advisory boards finished with, so if you haven't voted for me, please do.

Have a swell day.
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