June 25th, 2009

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Last night we became the last people on earth to finally watch the hip Swedish vampire flick Låt den rätte komma in -- I enjoyed it immensely thought I believe trillian_stars thought it was too long. Great performances, excellent cinematography.

We've been experimenting with creating some lite sauces based on mustard for the summer. Roswell isn't too interested but I'm pleased.

Neil posted about bears and beehives, someone emailed to ask if I had a photo of the beehives -- I have. Neil at bee central (sans bear) with the Fabulous Lorraine. I'll send Neil more photos of the hives so you may see more over there as the bear adventure unfolds.

One of the hives got a little annoyed at us and started what Lorraine called "aggressive bumping" which means dozens (or hundreds) of them buzz around you banging into you like "hey! what's going on?!" -- despite being in a bee suit, it's amazing how worried I got (my hands weren't in bee gloves so I could operate the camera and looking down to see ten bees wandering across my fingers while we were pulling their house apart freaked me out a little, but all turned out okay.)

In LJ election news, I'm six points behind where I need to be to win which means I need a few hundred more of you to vote for me. It takes 30 seconds. And in exchange you get a years worth of advisory board notes clogging this blog along with photos of Roswell. (And, hopefully, I represent everybody well with LJ inc. and the world is s better place.
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