June 27th, 2009

your 2x creative projects

It's been a month since we started the creative partner project -- I've been getting emails from people who've been working on and finishing up their projects which is all very exciting. I'm thinking on Monday, people should post their results to the 2xcreative group and then I'll make a post and people can link to their results there in the comments and we can all see what you've been up to.

If you're not done yet, don't worry, we'll do this again.

If you happen to be in NASHAUA NEW HAMPSHIRE TODAY, whafford is going to be giving a reading at the Barns and Noble book store at 2;00 with the rest of the Odyssey writers workshop. Tell him we said hi.

Thanks to every one who voted for me in the LJ Advisory board elections, the polls are closed now. Results on Monday.
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