June 29th, 2009

2xcreative, let's see what you've done!

For those of you who are recently arrived and those of you who may have missed the initial post, about a month ago I was having so much fun working on a collaborative creative project, I asked if people would be interested in collaborating with a stranger on a creative project of their own. Eight hundred people responded and said "yes".

five_cats and faustian_wish took all the names and randomly paired people with other people and I said I'd check back in a month.

So, if you've completed a project or if you're at work on something that you want to share -- here's what you do:

1) Post your results in the community we created for this, 2xcreative with a subject that says something like "finished product: dancing and carpentry" (or whatever your finished product is) or "ready for a glance: origami and heavy metal" -- because that group should be the repository for everything, it should be the place where people can go in the future and see all the goodies.

2) Post in the comment section here and make a link to the 2xcreative post so that people reading here can click on over if they want to see it.

3) If you DON'T have a creative partner and you think this is a swell idea, go ahead and post in 2xcreative asking for a partner, someone will find you!

4) If you and your partner aren't done but you'd like to talk about what you're working on, by all means, do so.

5) If you just want to post "Wow! Dog!", that's cool too.

be swell. have fun today. send an email to a family member you haven't talked to in a while.
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in which our hero delivers a lecture

So, the lecture at the ICP went very well. Craig Semetko also spoke and showed some of his really fabulous street photography. He's one of those classic Leica style photographers (and he's got a Leica). Afterwards we went to the Algonquin for drinks and camera-nerding, trillian_stars and I came home on the train sometime later than we'd planned.

Here's me by someone in the front row:

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