June 30th, 2009

momcat update

Momcat's not doing well. (For you newcomers, she's a feral cat living in the house who hates me.) The polyp in her ear is back and we can't get close enough to do anything about it. The doctor suggested Prozac so last Caturday we herded her into the front room with a can of tasty 9-lives laced with drugs and sat back to watch the magic happen.

Only she didn't eat it. And she didn't eat it the next day. On Monday we switched to dry food. She didn't eat that. And she didn't eat it today. She'd spent four days, not eating, staring through the glass at me.

Finally this evening I said "okay, you win," and opened the door. Roswell rushed in like air into a vacuum, bee-lined to the bowl and wolfed it down in about three seconds, so Prozac must not taste bad, Momcat's just contrary.

*** EDIT *** We just had quite a romp around the house, me trying to quietly corner her so I could brush her and her always scooting out through what I'd thought an impenetrable membrane. She's currently under the bed. For those of you keeping score, it's Momcat: 5, Kyle: 0.
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