July 23rd, 2009

cowboys and indians

We finally found the scene in Lonesome Dove that Eddie's in, but we couldn't figure out which person he was. The TV movie, with Robert Duval and Tommy Lee Jones is much more violent than the series.

Here's Eddie on the streets of Greybull.

In anticipation of Anticipation, trillian_stars and I have been reading Sandman out loud. Trillian's doing the narration and then we're divvying up the parts. It's fun, especially when there's a crowd scene and we're both talking at once.

Yesterday I gave my DEC VAX 4000/300 away to a guy in State College who has a computer museum. It was a bit sad to see her go, it's been an important part of my life for twelve or thirteen years or so. But it's gone to someone who will love it and maybe he'll let me telnet in and play Hunt the Wumpus. As far as I know there are still no viruses written for VMS.

I'm amazed that Roswell, who has a brain the size of a walnut thinks of my face as "me" -- she looks at my eyes when she wants my attention and this morning, she was laying on my chest reaching her paw out and touching my cheek and then my chin, all the while looking into my eyes. Why the eyes and not the hands? Is it because somehow she thinks of her own head as the center of her "self"?

Tea's ready. Time to sit out on the porch with my furry little girl. Have an excellent day.
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All sorts of good news

1) We're on the front page of the Arts section in the City Paper

2) Watch out Brazil -- my awesome photo of the awesome Information Society is in print in South America. Their recent album Synthesizer is great. (That blinding overhead white light is being held by Devastator Mark 16 from Brainclaw.)

3) The awesome people at the National Novel Writing Month place featured my writing space on their blog today to kick off their "where do you write" summer fun project. (Though lately I've been writing on the back porch with Roswell.)

In fact -- It's currently raining in Philly. Roswell and I are sitting on the back porch watching it. Trillian's out with Mary getting fitted for her awesome ball gown for our awesome wedding-reception-party-whatnot that you're all invited to at a date to be announced after the dress is done. I'm really happy -- life is awesome. Roswell agrees. Now I must go write an article for Videomaker. Enjoy the day.
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